History, Objectives, Strategic Framework


APRU was established in 1997 by the presidents of California Institute of Technology (Thomas Everhart), University of California, Berkeley (Chang-Lin Tien), University of California, Los Angeles (Charles Young) and University of Southern California (Steven B. Sample).


Seeing the rapid economic integration of the region and the formation of APEC, the founding presidents' vision was to establish a premier alliance of research universities as an advisory body to international organisations, governments and business on the development of science and innovation as well as on the broader development of higher education. The vision now encompasses focusing new knowledge on the global challenges affecting the region.


(a) To create an association of premier research universities around the Pacific Rim region.

(b) To foster cooperation in education and research among these universities in areas of major importance to the Pacific Rim community including but not limited to economic development, science and technology, human resource development, education and environmental protection.

(c) To represent these universities and/or their interests collectively in discussions or meetings with, or assist any of these universities in making any representation or recommendation to any, advisory or supervisory authority, whether local or foreign, which are in or concerned with areas relating to education and research in the Pacific Rim region.

(d) To provide a forum for these universities to meet, discuss, resolve, evaluate, canvass, comment upon and generally to deal with any issue or matter concerning or generally related areas of importance to the Pacific Rim community.

(e) To enable these universities to become effective contributors to the development of a prosperous and integrated Pacific Rim community.

(f) To contribute to the economic, scientific and cultural advancement of Pacific Rim economies.

Strategic Framework

APRU's Strategic Framework reflects the priorities of member universities in education, research and contribution to society:

1) Shaping Asia-Pacific Higher Education and Research

APRU universities together aim to shape the policy environment for higher education and research in the region.

2) Creating Asia-Pacific Global Leaders

APRU universities cooperate to enhance their global leadership as institutions and the leadership of faculty, administrators and students.

3) Partnering on Solutions to Asia-Pacific Challenges

APRU universities work together and with partners from government and business, international organizations, other universities and community leaders on solutions to global and regional challenges.