(a) To create an association of premier research universities around the Pacific Rim region.

(b) To foster cooperation in education and research among these universities in areas of major importance to the Pacific Rim community including but not limited to economic development, science and technology, human resource development, education and environmental protection.

(c) To represent these universities and/or their interests collectively in discussions or meetings with, or assist any of these universities in making any representation or recommendation to any, advisory or supervisory authority, whether local or foreign, which are in or concerned with areas relating to education and research in the Pacific Rim region.

(d) To provide a forum for these universities to meet, discuss, resolve, evaluate, canvass, comment upon and generally to deal with any issue or matter concerning or generally related areas of importance to the Pacific Rim community.

(e) To enable these universities to become effective contributors to the development of a prosperous and integrated Pacific Rim community.

(f) To contribute to the economic, scientific and cultural advancement of Pacific Rim economies.