International Policy Advisory Committee

The International Policy Advisory Committee (IPAC) provides leadership of the APRU Senior Staff on APRU's future strategy and policy direction. The IPAC: 

(a) Advises the Secretary General on the feasibility, risk management, communications, resources, capacity and time frames for implementing the APRU Strategic Framework;

(b) Assists the Secretary General in formulating policy submissions to the APRU Steering Committee;

(c) Convenes and coordinates APRU's thematic working groups in order to develop implementation plans for activities under the three thematic priorities of the APRU Strategic Framework;

(d) Receives and develops an overall plan from working groups' reports and recommendations on evaluating existing activities of APRU and proposals for new initiatives; 

(e) Holds regular meetings with the working groups and stakeholders for the above purposes; and

(f) Provides leadership in conjunction with the Secretary General at governance meetings where requested. 

Members of the IPAC hold a renewable two-year term and are by appointment.

APRU's programs are organised under three thematic priorities within the Strategic Framework. Each thematic priority has a Working Group which proposes programs and initiatives that advances the theme and identifies concrete support from member universities for these activities. They prioritise activites and programs as well as propose delivery models, timelines, resource requirements, communication and action plans for launching new programs under the respective themes. The Working Groups provide brief reports to the IPAC including recommendations and plans for new activites including timelines, resource requirements, capacity building and risk assessment.

IPAC Members

Cindy Fan
Vice Provost for International Studies and Global Engagement
University of California, Los Angeles 
Jiro Kokuryo
Vice-President for International Collaboration
Keio University
Kriengkrai Boonlert-U-Thai
Assistant to the President for International Affairs
Chulalongkorn University
Academic Supervisor
Far Eastern Federal University
Eden Woon
Vice-President for Institutional Advancement
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Sunhyuk Kim
Vice-President for International Affairs
Korea University
Joaquin Guerra
Vice Rector for Educational Innovation and On-line Programs
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education
Luisa Shu-Ying Chang
Vice President for International Affairs
National Taiwan University
Andrew Wee
Vice President (University & Global Relations)
National University of Singapore 
John Kao
Vice-President and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Global)
University of Hong Kong
Dennis Galvan
Vice Provost for International Affairs
University of Oregon
Shantanu Dutta
Professor, USC Marshall School of Business and Special Liaison to APRU
University of Southern California
Fiona Docherty
Vice-President, International, Marketing & Communications
UNSW Sydney
Min Li
Deputy Director, Office of International Relations
Zhejiang University