Pan-Chyr Yang

Dr. Pan-Chyr Yang is the President of National Taiwan University (NTU) and a Professor of Internal Medicine at NTU, concurrently acting as the Chair of the Committee on Medical Science Education of the Ministry of Education of Taiwan and Chairman of the Association of National Universities of Taiwan. Prior to his appointment as the President of NTU in 2013, Dr. Yang served as the Superintendent of the Cancer Research Center of National Taiwan University Hospital (2011-2013), Dean of the College of Medicine (2007-2013), and the Vice Superintendent of National Taiwan University Hospital (2004-2007).

Dr. Yang’s major research interests include pulmonary and critical care medicine, molecular and cellular biology, lung cancer genomics, and personalized cancer therapy. He was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (2015) and a member of the Academia Sinica (2006) for his international leadership in lung cancer research. Dr. Yang has made revolutionary contributions to this field by developing groundbreaking approaches to the treatment of lung cancer, and these new researches have significantly improved the survival rates of lung cancer patients. His research team, having identified novel genes and pathways associated with lung cancer progression, has established new platforms for the development of lung cancer stem cell directed therapy and has discovered autocrine-paracrine interaction between lung cancer stem cells with cancer microenvironment. The team has also identified specific gene expressions and microRNA biomarkers beneficial for precision therapy of lung cancer patients, and all these trailblazing results have created a new generation of cancer treatment strategies based on his innovations. Apart from his achievements in medical research, Dr. Yang has received many honorable recognitions for his teaching and research such as Distinguished Teacher Award (2012), Academic Award (2002) and National Chair Professor (2007-2009) from Ministry of Education.

As the President of NTU, Dr. Yang redefines NTU as a protector of invaluable traditions rooted deeply in Confucian benevolence, where this paragon of academic eminence and cultural heritage attracts the sharpest students and intellectuals all over the world. Forging NTU as the pivot of Chinese cultural traditions and global connections, Dr. Yang continues to pursue this vision and reiterates NTU’s fundamental responsibilities for academic advancement and professional development for the nation and the globe. This firm belief will keep cementing NTU as the lighthouse of virtue, intellect, and hope.