3rd APRU Digital Economy Business Offsite

The 3rd Digital Economy Business Offsite meeting will take place at Stanford University from 25-26 May 2017.

The meeting will bring together leading academic experts with senior business executives from companies at the center of growth and innovation in the region’s Digital Economy.

Over the course of the two-day program, invited delegates will discuss and examine environment key challenges to the emerging Digital Economy in the Asia-Pacific region.

The highly interactive forum will feature dedicated sessions on privacy, cyber security, artificial intelligence, intellectual property, Internet access, new business models in e-commerce, health and financial services, competition policy, and the standards process – topics at the core of a future digital trade and security policy framework.

With governments increasingly inwardly focused, it is more and more important for the academic and business community to come together to discuss and expand their outreach and dialogue regarding the Internet economy and security agenda of the region.

The 2017 Offsite meeting is an important collaborative effort between the Internet research centers at Keio University and Stanford University supporting the commitment to build an open, transparent and innovative Digital Economy in the Asia-Pacific.