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Sustainability and Climate Change

The APRU Sustainability and Climate Change Program (APRU-SCC) aims to strengthen collaboration among Pacific Rim research universities and partner institutions on solutions to issues of sustainability and climate change. The APRU-SCC Program is hosted by the Sustainability Solutions Institute at UC San Diego and has a core group coordinating the program.

The APRU-SCC Core Group members are:


Invitation - 5th Annual Sustainable City Year Conference 2016

Special Invitation for APRU Member Universities to attend the 5th Sustainable City Year Conference taking place March 13 - 16 2016, San Diego State University. 

 For more information on registration visit epicn.uoregon.edu. To find out more about the Sustainable City Year Program contact co-creators, Professor Nico Larco, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Marco Schlossberg, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Sustainability meets Safety – Multi-Hazards Program at the ISCN 2015

APRU presented its Campus Safety Initiative at the International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) 2015 Conference in Hong Kong, 17-19 June 2015. This year’s conference was hosted by The University of Hong Kong (HKU), a longtime APRU member university, and it was themed “Expanding the Dialogue: Sustainability in a Connected World”.

RACC6 Climate Change Impact: Extreme Weather Conditions

For the sixth time world-renowned researchers on climate change met in Kyoto to discuss the impact of climate change on extreme weather conditions at the sixth Regional Action on Climate Change Meeting. The last 30 years were likely the warmest period in the Northern hemisphere in the last 1400 years. Extreme weather events are occurring more often worldwide. In July 2014 the National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) in Japan counted at least 16 extreme weather events worldwide. On the basis of these research results it was called for climate smart investment especially in the insurance industry, which has not done much to invest in more sustainable projects yet.