Military Veterans

Policy and Professional Practice to Enhance the Health and Well-being of Military Veterans in the Pacific Rim

In recognition of a global need to ensure policy related to enhancing the well-being of veterans of military service, particularly issues involving health, housing, education, and employment, the University of Southern California is pleased to host members of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities to this two day symposium on global Military veteran policy.  The goal of the symposium is to provide a forum for in-depth discussions on issues related to the health and welfare of military veterans in the Pacific Rim. The event will engage experts from the academic, research and military fields in a discussion and a sharing of current research trends of the top priorities regarding veterans’ policy that challenge the Pacific Rim. This action research initiative will be the beginning of a process that will anticipate and propose veterans policy outcomes that will present more effective options to governments, major health care providers, and veterans support organizations, which will be made available to key decision-making bodies around the world. 

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To encourage broad intellectual engagement and debate, we are seeking papers on a range of topics consistent with the thematic pillars of the symposium which will form part of the general discussion portion of the agenda- the principle themes of this year’s symposium will focus of on four pillars:

Disability and Compensation

Overview of disability and compensation – strengths, challenges and gaps – what are the current policies, trends and lessons learned for veterans throughout the Pacific Rim.


Overview of veteran suicide across the Pacific Rim – facts, reality, challenges and strategies to stem this disturbing trend.

GI Bill

Overview of the GI Bill – successes, challenges, gaps and future direction of the program.

Successful Transition to Civilian Life

Overview of successful transition to civilian life – what are the challenges, gaps and opportunities, what is the capacity of non-governmental and community organizations to respond to the call for successful transition.

The above list represents the symposium thematic pillars but it is not exhaustive in its scope and we welcome proposals that explore new directions in action oriented research from a range of approaches that touch on the symposium themes.