From the Chair

Gene Block

It is my great pleasure to serve as chair of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities. We at UCLA are extremely proud to have been a founding member of the APRU in 1997 and prouder still that, two decades later, we enjoy meaningful strategic partnerships with other leading institutions of higher education throughout our region. It is especially gratifying that our collaboration and cooperation through APRU is leading directly to discoveries and advances that are improving countless lives. By fostering cross-disciplinary research partnerships, we have already made great strides in addressing issues of regional and global relevance — including reducing the risk of and impact from disasters, improving global health and empowering women — and we look forward to even greater advances on the horizon.

The universities that make up the APRU are beacons for some of the world’s most outstanding scholars in areas from neurosurgery and neurology to evolutionary biology and nanoscience. By enabling collaboration among them in these and numerous other fields, we have created a hub for innovation that has the power to transform communities and shape policy and industry throughout the Pacific Rim and globally. Together, we will continue to harness our institutions’ shared strengths and capabilities to generate knowledge and understanding that will continue to resonate for generations to come. 

Gene Block, Chancellor, UCLA and Chair, APRU