Contemporary History Painting and Social Engagement in Hong Kong

February 28, 2019

By Florian Knothe, Director of the University Museum and Art Gallery (UMAG), The University of Hong Kong

Photo credit: Lund Humphries

In New Museum Practice in Asia, edited by Caroline Lang and John Reeve, published by Lund Humphries (ISBN: 9781848222564)

In this article, Knothe recounts and reflects on his experience in curating the exhibition “Surviving Evil: The Pictorial Language of Sara Atzmon”, a collaborative project that he organized with Holocaust survivor and painter, Sara Atzmon, at UMAG in 2014.

Knothe illustrates how the museum introduced an episode of WWII in a neutral and an unemotional way. He also highlights how UMAG leveraged the opportunity to communicate art topics to a public of different ages and academic focuses. In retrospect, the author also shares his views on the opportunities this collaboration could have expanded to further increase the social engagement in the Hong Kong context.



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