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Value Design-through Design & Techne

his lecture will approach the meaning of a more expanded design from a narrow design, and attempt to explain ‘Techne’, which plays an important role in this process. This will allow us to understand the concept of value design.

It is a time when there is a great demand for work to train the process of finding and solving creative and strategic problems through the correct approach and understanding of design thinking. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out strategic tasks that contemplate and raise the value of life by fusion of humanities, social, artistic imagination and reflection with engineering knowledge.

Value design refers to the design work of value in the process of human beings properly grasping social and global problems and trying to solve them in real reality. This lecture aims to predict the future by specifically answering questions and concerns about how to carry out the value design process.

Date & Time: Aug 11, 2021 I 11am-12nn Korea Standard Time (UTC+9)
Registration Deadline: 6 August 2021 Korea Standard Time (UTC+9)

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