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Harbin Institute of Technology

Ecological Course – Making Traditional Chinese Food

Ecological course is one of the characteristic courses of China Discovery International Summer School at Harbin Institute of Technology. In this activity, students will learn to make traditional Chinese food, like dumplings, tea eggs, as well as northeast cuisine – Guobaorou (sweet and sour pork), which is very popular among international students.

Ingredients to be prepared:
Dumplings: flour, chopped meat, Chinese cabbage, seasoning (soy sauce, salt, pepper, cooking oil, scallion, ginger)
Tea eggs: eggs, tea, seasoning (star anise, pepper, salt, soy sauce, sugar)
Guobaorou: pork tenderloin, carrot, cilantro, scallion, ginger, garlic, seasoning (salt, soy sauce, cooking oil, sugar, vinegar)

Date & Time: Jul 16, 2021 I 2-4pm Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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Chinese Paper-Cut Class

Chinese Paper-cut refers to handicrafts made by cutting paper with scissors to form different patterns and pasting them on walls, windows, doors and ceilings. It has a history of more than 1500 years and it represents cultural values of the people throughout China. It was listed in the UNESCO World Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009. In the Chinese Paper-cut class, students will learn to cut Chinese characters, flowers, animals and figures.

Materials needed: Scissors, Paper, carving knife

Date & Time: Jul 29, 2021 I 2-4pm Beijing Time (UTC+8)

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The Chinese University of Hong Kong

CUHK Presents: Cook with Us in Hong Kong 2

This is not just a cooking class – join the interactive session with a master chef and make Chinese scallion pancakes together!

Easy to make yet mouthwatering savory, the crispy Chinese scallion pancake is one of the most favorite breakfast bites in Chinese communities worldwide. Enjoy this hour-long experience with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) from your kitchen via Zoom. All you need to do is to gather the ingredients beforehand, prepare the ingredients and you will be guided step-by-step during the session to make the pancakes from scratch.

Date & Time: Jul 9, 2021 I 10-11am Hong Kong Time (UTC+8)

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Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Webinar

Have you ever thought about translating your innovative ideas into action and starting your own business? Moderated by Prof. Andy Wong, Programme Co-director of the Office of Entrepreneurship and Innovation Education at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and three young CUHK alumni who are entrepreneurs will join the panel to share their ambitions and how they have coped with the challenges when establishing their start-ups.

Date & Time: Jul 19, 2021 I 3-4:15pm Hong Kong Time (UTC+8)

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Tohoku University

Exploring Japanese 'Manzai' - Intercultural Comedy Show

Welcome to the world of Japanese Manzai! In this event, Tohoku students are going to show their Manzai performances which they have created from scratch. Please enjoy the performance and blow off some steam with laughter!

Manzai is a traditional form of Japanese stand-up comedy where two or three comedians exchange joke-filled conversations at high speed. It is representative of 'Owarai' (comedy), and is rising as a new icon of Japanese pop culture. In this special event, seven hilarious teams of students from diverse cultural backgrounds will perform intercultural Manzai.

Date & Time: Jul 14, 2021 I 3-4pm Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
Registration Deadline: 13 July 2021 Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)

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University of California, Riverside

Cultural & Academic Explorations through the Sounds of Music

From the Concert Band, to the Mariachi Ensemble, to a course on micro-operas, to its weekly Wednesday@Noon music events series on Zoom, much like Music Departments in many universities, the UC Riverside's Department of Music has something to offer everyone!

Date & Time: Jul 1, 2021 I 6pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7)

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