What is the APWiL Mentoring Program Pilot?

The APWiL Mentoring Program Pilot provides international and intercultural opportunities for the empowerment, professional growth and development of aspiring women leaders within APRU. In particular, the program intends to:

  • Grow the pipeline of aspiring women leaders within APRU.
  • Identify professional opportunities for growth and skills development of APRU aspiring women leaders.
  • Increase awareness of challenges that aspiring women leaders face within the region.
  • Learn about successful strategies used by APRU senior leaders.
  • Connect senior leaders at APRU institutions with emerging women leaders to create an effective network.
  • Introduce global and intercultural dimensions (of women leadership) to leaders across the APRU network and beyond.
  • Advance ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity of participants’ institutions.

Program Design and Outcomes

The APWiL Mentoring Program is a year-long commitment matching a mentor and mentee from one of the participating APRU member universities. During the initial pilot program 10 APRU member institutions will participate. Each participating institution can be represented by up to two sets of mentors and mentees. Depending on mentor/mentee balance the program will have a maximum of 40 participants.

  • Mentors may be men or women leaders at a participating institution who are interested in supporting the growth of aspiring women leaders at APRU institutions.
  • Mentor and mentee will develop a mentoring agreement identifying goals for the program.
  • Mentor and mentee will set a schedule of bi-monthly virtual conversations (at least six meetings during the program duration).
  • Mentor and mentee will participate in two virtual meetings with the Mentoring Program cohort focused on topics relating to leadership, empowerment, professional growth, etc.
  • Mentor and mentee will participate in a virtual kick-off meeting for all program participants and a concluding seminar (linked to APM or Senior International Leaders Meeting).
  • Mentor and mentee will provide an update half-way through the program to assess their progress.
  • A final written program evaluation will be submitted by each mentor and mentee.