Information for Mentees

Program Goals for Mentees

  • Develop a year-long plan to advance professional growth and leadership skills.
  • Develop a self-reflective understanding and acceptance of your unique leadership style and strengths. Gain confidence in your unique abilities as a leader.
  • Expand leadership acumen skills through training and learning from highly successful professionals outside their direct sphere of activity.
  • Build a strong and supportive network with women from universities across the Asia Pacific.
  • Gain insights and guidance to better tackle issues or challenges in the workplace


Expectations of an Effective Mentee

  • Develop leadership skills to navigate the challenges women face at different stages of their careers in higher education.
  • Participate fully in the relationship with their mentor and to actively engage in their development.
  • Listen to and accept the mentor’s comments and suggestions in a constructive manner.
  • Respect their mentor’s commitment and keep their mentor updated on developments throughout the process.


Suggested Topics for Discussions

  • What does it mean to be a leader in the Asia Pacific? What are the challenges that women face as leaders in higher education? How are challenges shaped by your experiences in your cultural context? Define your leadership goals with your mentor and an action plan to accomplish those goals.
  • What are the best strategies to develop a leadership practice? How do you recognize your leadership strengths? How do you use your unique strengths to persuade and influence? What role do cultural dimensions play in effective negotiations? How do you become more effective?
  • How to develop a professional growth strategy? What are the best practices in identifying professional opportunities? What does a successful strategy include?
  • What do you need to do to plan future possibilities as a leader? How do you create a personal development plan? What goals would you set for yourself?