Program Design: Peer-to-Peer Network

In the initial phase of the fellowship, the program will be composed of groups of 3-5 undergraduate students from each participating university. It is a year-long commitment by students who are interested in developing an international eSports network of student leaders. All-male teams will not be accepted. Activities will occur bi-monthly.

Fellow Commitments:
  • Students must attend at least 4 sessions throughout the program.
  • Take an active role in discussion and leading activities.
  • Actively share best practices among fellows (informal sessions)
  • Become an eSports ambassador for your university and future participants.
Activities include:
  • Kick-off event and welcome
  • Interactive lectures and webinars
  • Student-led workshops
  • International eSports Tournament
Topics include:
  • Diversity and Inclusion in the eSports Industry
  • Overview of the e-sports ecosystem in an international context
  • Career and skills development in e-sports industry
  • Developing an eSports league and community at your university
  • eSports in a virtual world
  • Psychological impact of e-sports gaming
  • eSports for Social Good