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International Symposium:
Solve Climate by 2030 in Waseda

Hosted by Waseda University

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International Symposium “Solve Climate by 2030 in Waseda” is held on April 10 (Sat), 2021. We are looking forward to your participation. Please refer to the website for details of Solve Climate by 2030.

Date & Time: April 10, 2021 from 2PM-3:30PM (JST) Time Convertor

Language: English / Japanese with simultaneous interpretation

Prospected Audience: Student (Undergraduate Student of Waseda and other universities, Highschool Student of Waseda and other schools etc.), Professor and Staff


  • Mika Ohbayashi (Director, Renewable Energy Institute)
  • Rika Sueyoshi (Founder and Director of The Ethical Association)
  • Hajime Kamiya (Director for Urban Energy Promotion, Climate Change & Energy Division, Bureau of Environment. Tokyo Metropolitan Government)
  • Toshihide Arimura (Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics. Director, Research Institute for Environmental Economics & Management. Waseda University)

Moderator: Ken-Ichi Akao (Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences/Associate Director, Institute for Advanced Social Sciences)


Inquiries: iass@list.waseda.jp