Provosts’ Forum 2018
APRU Provosts’ Forum 2018 - The Future of the University

The 4th APRU Provosts’ Forum was by The University of Hong Kong on March 11 to 13, 2018.


Themed “The Future of the University and the University of the Future”, this three-day forum will address immediate and future challenges that face research universities, particularly with respect to changing (Gen Z) student profiles; rapid, and often seismic developments in technology, and also the continuing demands placed on universities to better prepare graduates for employability. APRU Provosts will have the opportunity to share insights and best practices in their own institutional, cultural and regional contexts.


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Two arises Three


About the exhibition: The unbroken Chinese ink painting tradition that has been perfected over the course of more than a millennium of history continues its evolution into the present day, as evidenced by the current popularity of contemporary ink. As Chinese contemporary art has gained prominence over the past couple of decades, there has been a dichotomy between purely contemporary works and works with a stronger connection to tradition. This division seems to be shrinking as traditional aesthetics begins to merge with newer media in more harmonious ways. The collaborative work of Arnold Chang and Michael Cherney is a particularly vivid example of this phenomenon.


HKUSU Chinese Orchestra


About the orchestra: With the mission of promoting Chinese music among students of the University of Hong Kong and the general public, providing a platform for student interested in Chinese music to interact, a group of Chinese music enthusiasts established the Chinese Orchestra, HKUSU.


Founded in 2013, Chinese Orchestra, HKUSU has been developing, in terms of its structure and size, under the baton of the founding conductor Mr. Szeto Kin. In September 2016, Mr Kwok Kin Ming, second runner-up of the 1st International Conducting Competition for Chinese Music, was appointed as the conductor of the orchestra.


Over the years, Chinese Orchestra, HKUSU has been performing in various occasions, including the mini concerts, annual performances, etc. In light of the increasing fusion of cultures, Chinese Orchestra, HKUSU, hopes to attract more participants by trying different genres of music in the coming future.The orchestra is growing in maturity and has become a unique force to add color to the multicultural feature of The University of Hong Kong.





Student Ambassadors


HKU Student Ambassador Scheme is the official student representative body of the University of Hong Kong. Student Ambassadors represent the university at official events promoting the spirit, pride and traditions of HKU. Our diversified team of SAs allows students to meet and make friends from all nationalities and faculties within HKU, making it a truly globalized community.





The Great Dam The Great People – The Centenary Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir


About the exhibition: The year 2018 marks the centenary of the construction completion of the Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir Dam, which was the largest in scale among the British Commonwealth upon its completion. The Dam was built as a major project of the Tai Tam Reservoir Scheme which comprised the construction of the largest group of reservoirs on the Hong Kong Island between 1883 and 1918. By far, many of these heritage waterworks have been declared as monuments by the Hong Kong SAR Government.The research team of Dr Poon Sun-wah at the Department of Real Estate and Construction of the University of Hong Kong first discovered the enriched history of the reservoir dam when they investigated the history of quarrying in Hong Kong, a project funded by Lord Wilson Heritage Trust. There are also newly identified pieces of evidence which provide the missing link of the Dam construction.


APRU Provosts’ Forum 2018: The Future of the University and the University of the Future

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