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Sustainable Waste Management Conferences 2020

October 25 - October 29

Sustainable Waste Management Workshop: Microplastics in the Environment

Event Date: January 7-9, 2020
Location: Create Tower NUS, Singapore

Conference Website: https://www.aiche.org/node/6173/conferences/waste-management/2020
Please see a program book here.
Please see a post-conference report here.


20th International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment (ICHMET) 2020

Event Date: October 25-29, 2020
Location: Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Conference Website: http://ichmet2020.org/
Please see a preliminary program here.
Submit your abstract before March 31 here.


Nature Roundtable

Event Date: October 27, 2020
Location: Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Nature Sustainability and Nature Reviews Earth & Environment will invite outstanding researchers in academia and industry for a roundtable discussion of the most exciting scientific developments at ICHMET 2020.


Nature Masterclasses

Event Date: October 29, 2020
Location: Korea University, Seoul, Korea

Delivered by Nature Research journal editors, researchers learn how to publish in top science journals. Every researcher receives a one-on-one interaction with the editors. They are also able to discuss their own draft abstract with an editor in detail, to help them understand its strengths and weaknesses.