Transformation of Work: APRU-Google Joint Project Dissemination Series (Manila)

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), a phenomenon that has emerged only recently, is already creating huge disruptions in the way we work and live. AI innovations, the Internet of Things, and machine learning are expected to improve both our productivity and quality of life. However, the emergence of new technologies tends to have both positive and negative impacts on the economy and on society.

The Asian Institute of Management Rizalino S. Navarro Policy Center for Competitiveness (AIM RSN PCC), in partnership with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) Philippines and APRU, held a forum, Transformation of Work in Asia-Pacific in the 21st Century: Key Policy Implications. The primary purpose of this forum is to share the results of an ARPU-AIM joint study on the ‘Transformation of Work in Asia-Pacific in the 21st Century’, and to engage in high-level discussions on its policy implications for developing countries like the Philippines on education, competition policy, and business regulation.