22nd Annual Presidents' Meeting

22nd APRU Annual Presidents' Meeting - Our Digital Future in a Divided World 

Date: June 24-26, 2018
Host: National Taiwan University, Taipei

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Themed “Our Digital Future in a Divided World”, the 22nd APRU Annual Presidents’ Meeting, held in Taipei from June 24 to 26, 2018, ended on a high note. Led by 27 presidents, over 100 delegates from 37 member universities were in attendance.

The major points for discussion, among thought leaders from academia, business and public policy, were the urgent questions posed by the technological revolution. 

Articles published by University World News, media partner of APM, highlights the key themes of the meeting and our speakers. These include:

Chris Tremewan Universities and our digital future in a divided world (15 June 2018 – Issue No: 510)

Yang Universities ‘key to bridging global digital divide’ (June 28 2018 Issue No.: 512)

Toby Walsh Urgent need to address ethics of artificial intelligence (July 3, 2018 Issue No.: 513)

Michael Schill Turning the tide on the ebbing of public trust in higher education (July 20 2018 Issue No: 515)

Howard Gillman new The cost to higher education of free speech on campus (August 31 2018 Issue No: 518)

The APRU Programs Video gave audience a thorough overview of the work realized by the Association, not only through its different programs, but also through its collaboration with various organizations in an effort to address the multi-faceted challenges across the Asia-Pacific region, while making an impact on policy advocacy concurrently. 

Endorsed at the Business Meeting, the APRU Presidential Statement is a reference point for further multi-disciplinary and collaborative efforts in addressing our digital future.

View full report of the 22nd Annual Presidents' Meeting. 

 APM highlight video Highlight video of the Annual Presidents’ Meeting 2018