APRU 10th Senior Staff Meeting


Hosted by: Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
Date: 6-8 March 2013

With an overarching theme, "Leading Asia-Pacific Higher Education and Research: From Consensus to Action", the 2013 meeting for senior leaders of APRU member universities built upon the APRU strategic framework endorsed at the 16th Annual Presidents Meeting held in Oregon in June 2012. Discussions and sessions at the meeting focused on the evaluation and development of the various programs and activities under each of the following thematic priorities.

1. Shaping Asia-Pacific Higher Education and Research

2. Creating Asia-Pacific Global Leaders
3. Partnering on Solutions to Asia-Pacific Challenges

The panel session on APRU Thematic Priorities highlighted priority initiatives and issues under each theme. APRU Senior Staff discussed and presented recommendations on shaping and implementing APRU initiatives under each theme through working group discussions.

The 10th Senior Staff Meeting also featured a keynote address and a panel session on Global Human Resources and Universities comprising distinguished speakers from government and academia sharing comparative perspectives on global human resource challenges and higher education trends. SSM participants engaged in a stimulating dialogue on the role of universities in globalization and the competition for global talent.

Program Schedule
Panel Session Summary
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Presentation Slides (Mar 7-8)