Jack Ng

Jack Ng

Director, Communications

With over 15 years of experience in brand building, communications, and management, Jack has worked as the marketing team head at one of the largest property developers in Hong Kong (HK), the brand and chief digital lead of a multinational shoe company, a key member in the management team of a diverse range of retail brands and media platforms, a multimedia producer for a public broadcaster in HK, and a partner of multiple publishers and children’s charities.

Jack and his teams have earned over 20 corporate awards after handling projects ranging from the opening and rebranding of major shopping malls in HK to multiple store launches in HK and mainland China, brand events at Beijing and Shanghai (SH) fashion weeks, and the launch of HK-SH-New York e-commerce platforms. Jack has developed projects covering the fields of: brand development, digital and traditional marketing, PR, event management, trilingual communications, interorganizational network development, corporate collaboration, B2C and B2B MarCom strategy, multimedia production, publication, store and pop-up, VM, product development, POS distribution, e-commerce and website development, creative design, entrepreneurship, team management, innovation, and more.

Jack first studied sociology and politics at the Australian National University and earned both his Master and Bachelor of Social Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) through multiple scholarships, including the Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fund, Lord Fulton Memorial Prize Gold Medal Award, Kunkle and Pommerenke Grand Prize, S.H. Sung Creativity Award and 15 more awards. He continued his postgraduate education focusing on digital analytics under the head of analytics at Google, strategic negotiation and psychology at Yale University, marketing at The Wharton School, communications strategy at the University of Toronto, and more.

In addition to being a member of the Association of Strategic Marketing (ASM), the Association for Audience Marketing Professionals (AAMP), The National Association of Sales Professionals (NASP) and the International Association for Agricultural Sustainability (IAAS), Jack is also licensed in HK as a registered social worker (RSW).

Jack has written two best-selling books with multiple editions sold and a series of columns for various magazines. His books were published and/or distributed across HK, mainland China, and Canada by CUHK Press, Joint Publishing, Soul Mate, and Commercial Press. His publications were featured in CUHK’s exhibitions and added to the permanent collections of school and public libraries in HK.

Email: jack.ng@apru.org