Nagoya University

President: Dr. Seiichi Matsuo

APRU Senior International Leader:
Professor Masafumi Nakahigashi, Vice President (International Affairs, Legal Affairs, Risk Management, and Internal Control)


Founded in 1871 as a medical school and chosen to be a national university in 1947, Nagoya University is today one of Japan’s leading institutions for high-level research. It is a comprehensive university that includes 13 graduate schools, nine undergraduate schools, three research institutes and 18 research centers. Nagoya University is proud to be associated with six of Japan’s 16 Nobel laureates since 2001.

Since October 2011, Nagoya University offers a select number of full-degree programs taught in English. In 2014, it was selected for the Top Global University Project. Although its aims are global, Nagoya University cooperates closely with regional institutions as an “Asian hub university.”