Tecnológico de Monterrey

President: Professor David Garza

APRU Senior International Leader:
Dr. José Manuel Páez, Vice-Rector for Internationalization

Website: http://tec.mx/en

Tecnológico de Monterrey or Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education was founded in 1943 and is a private, non-profit institution independent of and not related to any political party or religious group. The prestige that Tecnológico de Monterrey attained from the start, not only for its academic standards but also for the culture of entrepreneurship, hard work, efficiency and responsibility it seeks to instill in its students, has motivated alumni from different regions of the country to promote the establishment of Tecnológico de Monterrey campuses in their home cities.

This has given Tecnológico de Monterrey a perception of the different needs of each region and the capacity to prepare professionals who can meet them, without leaving their local environment. In addition, since Tecnológico de Monterrey is a nation-wide system, it has accepted the responsibility to respond to the important challenges facing the country.

Using learning networks and advanced information technologies, the Virtual University offers graduate academic programs; continuing education programs for directors of Mexican and Latin American companies, as well as government and non-governmental organizations; programs for elementary and secondary school teachers; and programs for the development of marginalized communities.