Tohoku University

President: Professor Hideo Ohno

APRU Senior International Leader:
Professor Toshiya Ueki, Vice President (for General Affairs, International Relations and Academic Affairs)


Tohoku University is a Japanese national university located in Sendai City with 10 faculties, 16 graduate schools, 3 professional graduate schools and 5 research institutes with approximately 5,400 faculty and staff and over 18,000 students from the undergraduate to doctoral level.
Ever since Tohoku University was established in 1907 as Japan’s third imperial university, its philosophy has been always “Research First” and maintained “Open-Door” policy for emphasizing “Practice-Oriented Research and Education.” Over the years, the university has offered world-class education to its students and succeeded in carrying out world-class research. Resolved to play a leading role, the university has come to a point in redirecting the future course of development towards three main principles which are “Challenge,” “Creation,” and “Innovation.” At its core, there is a spirit of “Challenge” that motivates its students and researchers to achieve a level of excellence required to build the society of the future.

Considering international cooperation highly important, the university is a member of AERU (Association of East Asian Research Universities), T.I.M.E. (Top Industrial Managers for Europe), GE4 (Global Education for European Engineers and Entrepreneurs) and Global E3 (Global Engineering Education Exchange) and APRU. These approaches have been successful in gaining acknowledgement as a university with distinctive education and internationality in Japan, which lead the university to be selected for various programs initiated by Japanese government.