University of California, Los Angeles

Chancellor: Professor Gene D. Block

APRU Senior International Leader:
Professor Cindy C. Fan, Vice Provost for International Studies and Global Engagement


UCLA is one of ten campuses that comprise the University of California, one of the largest and most renowned centers of higher education in the world. As one of America’s finest universities, UCLA has a tradition of advancing higher education and the common good through excellence in scholarship, research and public service. UCLA is California’s largest university and a model for public institutions of higher education. Gene Block became the chancellor of UCLA on August 1, 2007.

UCLA offers a comprehensive curriculum in the arts, social sciences, humanities, physical sciences and life sciences. In addition to the College of Letters and Science, there are eleven professional schools on campus. Undergraduate degrees may be earned in 128 majors. The university offers 197 graduate degree programs.

Overseas exchange programs and high-caliber international research programs have established the university as a leader in international studies. The UCLA International Institute comprises 16 world-class multidisciplinary centers focusing on major world regions and global issues.