Zhejiang University

President: Professor Wu Zhaohui

APRU Senior Staff Contact:
Professor Li Min, Director, Office of International Relations

Website: http://www.zju.edu.cn/english/ 

Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University is one of the earliest institutions of higher learning in China. Through over a century's development, the University is now a well-known comprehensive research institution.

It has now 43 post-doctoral programs, 278 doctoral programs and 115 specialties for undergraduate studies in 11 branches of learning, namely philosophy, literature, history, education, science, economics, law, management, engineering, agriculture and medicine. The university now has 14 national key laboratories, 5 national engineering (technology) research centers, 3 national research bases in humanities and social sciences.

Zhejiang University over 40,000 full-time students, including over 16,200 master-degree students and PhD candidates, 22,900 undergraduate students and 3,020 international students, and has academic links with more than 100 universities in 30 countries and regions.

The University is well equipped with teaching and research facilities. It has the largest library of its kind in China with a total collection of 6,180,000 volumes. In addition, the library has introduced over 236 electronic databases of 56 kinds in all disciplines, including over 17,000 full-text journals and 100,000 e-books in different languages. The "China-US Million Book Digital Library Project", which is to digitalize over one million Chinese and English books, will be completed in the near future with the University playing the leading part.