APEC International Workshop on Adaption to Population Aging Issues
July 5, 2017

APEC International Workshop on Adaption to Population Aging Issues
July 17 – 18, 2017, Ha Noi, Viet Nam


The APEC International Workshop will enable member economies to discuss general issues on Population Aging of the AEPC region. Participants from international organizations, NGOs and UN organizations will present on potential solutions to address these. The workshop will facilitate best practice sharing with the aim to support the development of appropriate policies in economies across the APEC region in relation to social security, health care and economic growth. Delegations from member economies will have the opportunity to hear from experts of member economies such as Japan, Australia, Korea and Canada addressing key areas of aging societies.

Professor Barbara Mcpake from the University of Melbourne and academic representative of the Association of Pacific Rim Universities will be talking at the workshop about financial resources for social protection systems in aging societies.

The outcome of the International Workshop will be submitted to the Health Working Group and provide input to the Health Policy Dialogue on Promoting Healthy Aging & NCDs Control and other related meetings in SOM 3, August 2017 in Ho Chi Ming City, Viet Nam.


The Workshop objectives are:

– to share the latest knowledge on the current situation of Aging in APEC including trends, impacts & challenges/opportunities, issues and concerns;

– to share experiences on dealing with population Aging issues among APEC members and APEC partners;

– to provide recommendations to APEC leaders and APEC members for relevant policies responses to aging and action taken on care for older persons, including recommendations of home based and community-based care models for elderly people.


See the Workshop Agenda.

For more information about the Workshop, please contact Mr. Luong Quang Dang at [email protected].