The Transformation of Work in AP

project pioneers a multi-stakeholder approach. It provides policymak­ers and leading thinkers with a platform to exchange ideas and collaborate with researchers to tackle challenges presented by the rapid digitalization of society.

As the second element in a series of multidisciplinary collaborations funded by Google.org, The Transformation of Work in the Asia-Pacific in the 21st Century: Key Policy Implications report informs policymakers to support the creation of relevant frameworks and policies.

Informing Policy: Marshalling Resources

Led by Professor Kar Yan Tam, Dean of the HKUST Business School and APRU, the project outputs included a series of dissemination events to brief policymakers on report findings applicable to their economies.

Part of APRU’s continued efforts to extend policy impact and maximize its network effect, the briefings aimed to enable governments to react more quickly to the impact and influence of new technological developments, share best practices and find solutions to challenges emerging from the transformation of their economies and future of work.

The content for each event of the five dissemination events was tailored to the specific needs of the host economy, drawing on the insights developed through the project.

APRU and project leads will disseminate the results to ensure that project findings are shared widely and applied to regional policy frameworks

Kar Yan Tam (Project Lead)
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Myung Jae Moon
Yonsei University
Jungwoo Lee
Yonsei University
Stephen Frenkel
UNSW Sydney
Sunghoon Kim
UNSW Sydney & The University of Sydney
Hideaki Shiroyama
University of Tokyo
Namgyoo K. Park
Seoul National University
Jikyeong Kang
Asian Institute of Management
Jamil Paolo S. Francisco
Asian Institute of Management
Faizal Bin Yahya
National Singapore University

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