2018 APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference

2018 APRU Sustainable Cities and Landscapes Conference was held at the University of Hong Kong from September 6-9, 2018, being organized by the Division of Landscape Architecture.

APRU-SCL conferences provide opportunities for academics and experts from different regions, cultures and disciplines around the Pacific Rim to collaborate on common sustainability challenges and to develop new understandings and responses that can foster transformative change within cities, and between cities and their surrounding landscapes. This three-day conference was structured around 11 working groups.

- City-landscape sustainability
Landscape and human health
- Productive cities, infrastructural ecologies
- Smart cities
- Sustainable urban design
- Transitions in urban waterfronts
- Urban biodiversity
- Urban renewable energy
- Urban water and sanitation
- Urban-rural linkages
- Vulnerable communities

The conference also included a one-day public session on September 7 to open the discussion up to the local community, practice, government and community groups.

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