Population Aging Program Completes Transfer to National University of Singapore

Population Aging Program Completes Transfer to National University of Singapore

January 04, 2021

The APRU Population Aging Program, which was hosted by Keio University until the end of 2020, completed its transfer to the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Ageing Research & Education at Duke-NUS Medical School.

The APRU Population Aging Program aims to raise awareness about the demographic shifts towards older populations and reap the opportunities of population aging in an era of shrinking workforces and transforming healthcare needs exerting upward pressures on public spending.

Professor Angelique Chan, Executive Director of the Centre for Ageing Research & Education at Duke-NUS Medical School, has committed to take up the leadership of the Program until the end of 2022. Chan and the steering committee have been collaborating closely to build on the well-established program platform and leverage the Centre for Ageing Research & Education’s expertise to develop impactful activities.

“Whether you are young or old, population ageing will impact our lives in various ways over this century, and NUS is proud to take up the APRU Population Ageing Hub leadership to further the APRU mission of developing research collaborations across member universities,” Chan said.

“As a group, we remain committed to furthering high-quality research on ageing and nurturing young scholars in the field,” she added.

Keio University led the APRU Population Aging Program for three years. Program Director Professor Hiroki Nakatani succeeded in significantly increasing the network of leading experts and policymakers engaging with its activities. For example, the partnership with financial newspapers Nikkei and the Financial Times has led to two Super Active Ageing Society Conferences in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

The program’s next event will be the 2021 Annual Population Aging Conference, which was moved from last year to April 7-8th due to the pandemic. It will be hosted in virtual mode by the University of Indonesia’s Faculty of Public Health under the theme Challenges and Resilience Related to Aging: Surviving and Thriving toward Successful Aging. The conference’s sub-themes range from nutrition and aging to reproductive health in aging populations.

The conference will feature a student video competition under the theme Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Aging Communities.


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