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In February 2013: APRU partners for solutions through sustainable and liveable cities


In its mission to partner with leading thought leaders and find solutions to global challenges, APRU's Sustainability and Climate Change program has partnered with the Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative (PCSI) Forum in Hong Kong during February 2013. 

Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative Forum 2013
Theme: Tomorrow's City Today
Date: February 18-20, 2013
Venue: Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

23 January 2013
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The APRU International Workshop on Coastal Cities and Sea Level Rise

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The APRU-Sustainability and Climate Change (SCC) Program International Workshop on Coastal Cities and Sea Level Rise
Hosted by: University of California, San Diego, USA
Date: 5-7 September 2012
17 January 2013
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Exploring internationalization and how networks like APRU are shaping the future of higher education

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Exploring the impact of associations like APRU and how they influence the internationalization of higher education, APRU researcher Marc Tadaki and Secretary General Christopher Tremewan presented their research findings at the first OECD International Conference on Innovation, Higher Education, Research and Development (IHERD). 'Reimagining internationalization in higher education: international consortia as a transformative space?' was presented at the conference held in Boston, USA, from 10-13 October 2012, a joint effort of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) and Centre for International Higher Education (CIHE) at Boston College. It focused on the role of research universities as drivers of the world's knowledge networks.


16 January 2013
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Publishing, Partnering, Producing Solutions: Interview with Dr. Brad Fenwick, Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, Elsevier


300,000 papers published per year, 800,000, rejections, accounting for ¼ of the output from the global scientific establishment. How are the numbers in publishing shaping the future of research? Dr. Brad Fenwick has stepped across the fence to join one of the world’s largest scientific publishers as Senior Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances, and talks to APRU about the fascinating nature and reach of bibliometrics. 

Dr. Brad Fenwick has recently joined this senior management position at Elsevier stepping across from the academic side to publishing. A career academic, he previously research executive roles as Vice Chancellor for Research and Engagement at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, and VP for Research at Virginia Tech.

16 January 2013
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Partnering for a less hazardous planet: Interview with Professor John Rundle


"Since more than 30% of the worlds' populations will live within seismically active zones within a few decades, it is clear that knowledge about natural disasters needs to be far more widely disseminated and understood than it has been to date. Who would have thought that New York city would be devastated by hurricane Sandy? That the Tohoku earthquake would make a measurable impact on the global economy?"

John Rundle is a Distinguished Professor at the University of California, Davis, and a thought leader in earthquake sciences.

He is also an External Professor at the Sante Fe Institute, New Mexico; Director of the California Institute for Hazard Research of the University of California; Executive Director of the APEC Cooperation for Earthquake Simulation (ACES); and Chairman of the Open Hazards Group, a team dedicated to reducing the impacts of natural disasters. Prof Rundle attended the APRU Multi-hazards Symposium at Tohoku University, Japan.

16 January 2013
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