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Registration for the APRU Undergraduate Leaders Program 2016 is now open!

Registration for the APRU Undergraduate Leaders Program 2016 is now open!

Information on the program is available here.

18 February 2016
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APRU International Secretariat Starts Full Operations in Hong Kong from 11 January 2016

The APRU International Secretariat is located at the new Institute of Advanced Study building on HKUST’s Clear Water Bay campus.
(Photo: HKUST)

Announcement of changeover

On 11 January, APRU welcomed a new staff team and the APRU International Secretariat in Hong Kong took over from the previous office in Singapore.

The new team is:

Dr Christopher Tremewan, Secretary General
Mr Keith Wong, Director (International Secretariat)
Ms Christina Schönleber, Program Director (Asia-Pacific Issues)
Mr Ashley Pereira, Communications Manager
Ms Florence Chan, Office Manager/Executive Assistant

In addition, Ms Cheryl Torrado, Program Director (Global Leadership) continues to work out of Singapore.

The Singapore Office will continue to support the programs and to advise the Hong Kong team throughout the transition until it closes on March 31, 2016.  The staff remaining in Singapore for this period are:

Ms Margaret Leong, Director (Singapore Office)
Ms Jacquelline Heng, Program Director (Higher Education)
Ms Clara Wong, Office Manager/Executive Assistant

I wish to thank APRU members for their support during this transition and also to convey special thanks to outgoing staff in Singapore for their continuing contribution over this period.

We look forward to a new phase of APRU’s life and to an exciting year ahead.

Best wishes

Christopher TREMEWAN PhD
Secretary General
Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU)

New Mailing Address:

APRU International Secretariat
Institute for Advanced Study Building, 3F, 3019
Lee Shau Kee Campus
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Clear Water Bay
Hong Kong

Tel: +852-3469 2056
Fax: +852-2719 5756
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

20 January 2016
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High-Level Cyber3 Conference in Okinawa

‘Crafting Cyber Security in a Less Secure World’ was the theme of a high-level meeting organized by the Cabinet Office of the Government of Japan in Okinawa 7-8 November, 2015 with the support of the World Economic Forum and opened by the Prime Minister of Japan.  Called the Cyber3 Conference it was attended by CEOs from leading IT companies from around the region, security and intelligence specialists, senior military and political leaders now in consulting roles and academic researchers on the Internet and on cyber security.

The intention was a multi-stakeholder approach to identify multi-stakeholder solutions, to focus on urgent issues and concrete steps to cross-border cooperation on all levels and to ‘build a resilient, trusted cyber space’.

Secretary General Chris Tremewan moderated an early session on ‘Our Hyper-Connected World: Problems, Issues and Implications’.  Professor Jun Murai, Dean of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University, was one of the panelists along with top executives from Cisco, SAP Japan and Nokia.  Dr Tremewan also spoke on a later panel on the same topic. 

Professor Jim Foster, professor at the Graduate School of Governance at Keio University was also a moderator at the conference.  He heads APRU’s program on Governing the Internet Economy

07 December 2015
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USC Global Conference, Shanghai

The University of Southern California held its Global Conference at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Pudong, Shanghai, 29-31 October, 2015.  Robert Iger, Chairman and CEO if Disney was its lead speaker.  Sessions covered medical breakthroughs at USC through to story-telling in virtual environments and the use of big data.  Led by President Max Nikias, APRU Chair, and his Provost Michael Quick, this was well-attended by hundreds of USC alumni and guests. It was a signature event which demonstrated the strength of USC’s connections in China through its alumni and friends. Secretary General Chris Tremewan represented APRU at the event.

07 December 2015
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Yonsei Global Summit

President Kap-Young Jeong of Yonsei University hosted a summit of university presidents and scholars 26-27 October, 2015, to mark the 130th anniversary of the university.  The three themes were:

  1. Asia and Asian Leadership Education
  2. Liberal Arts and Residential Education
  3. The Challenges of 21st Century Higher Education: The Role of University Networks

Speakers included President Peter Mathieson (University of Hong Kong), President Atsushi Seike (Keio University), William Overholt (Harvard University Asia Center), Provost Steven Garton (University of Sydney), Rector Yves Flueckiger (University of Genea) and Prof Katsuichi Uchida (President of APAIE). Secretary General Chris Tremewan led off with a presentation prior to the panel on University Networks.

07 December 2015
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