APWiL Directory of
Program & Initiatives
Across APRU


Bridging the Gender Gap in Higher Education: Directory of Programs & Initatives Across APRU. Launched in June 2013, the APRU Asia-Pacific Women in Leadership Program (APWiL) serves as a platform for the sharing of best practices in enhancing the institutional competitiveness of APRU universities and advancing the participation of women in academia and research.

Special Workshop


The Asia-Pacific Women in Leadership Program (APWiL) Special Workshop aims to discuss the importance of a systematic strategy to promote gender equality in academic institutions, and provide faculty and staff members responsible for university management with an opportunity to share relevant information and ideas in order to enhance their knowledge and leadership skills.

APRU Gender Gap
Report 2013


The APRU Gender Gap Survey was developed as a recommendation of the APRU Senior Staff Meeting held at Waseda University, Japan in March 2013. It is designed to provide data and qualitative information to support the discussion of gender equity in Asia-Pacific universities and outline key challenges for the future. 

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