Collaborative Technology Projects

APRU's collaborative technology projects are based on themes pertaining to Asia-Pacific higher education and research, and aim to inform the APRU community about topics relevant to education and research innovations which have an emerging or current impact on higher education from the persepective of the region.  Projects encompass research, analysis and practical applications which contribute to data analysis, policy recommendations, reports or further study of the topic.

Submissions of interest in collaborative projects may be centered around:

-  online education and sustainability
-  learning innovations and evidence of impact
-  enterprise and infrastructure
-  cloud computing
-  cybersecurity
-  big data
-  bridging the digital gap
-  social and cultural learning outcomes

APRU members may propose projects (a brief outline including objectives, outcomes, benefit to members, budget and funding) involving universities from at least two member economies.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a discussion if you have a proposal to share or are looking for project partners.

Technology-Enhanced Learning (APRU MOCCs) Project

The APRU MOOCs pilot project investigates the effectiveness of online education and its impact on diverse cultural learners through the use of various tools and platforms for teaching and learning.  Educators and administrators make critical decisions on pedagogical approaches and technology tools best suited to their respective learning environments and learners.  The project hopes to support these decisions by contributing evidence-based data towards a more holistic understanding of innovative teaching and learning applications.

An objective is to provide evidence-based learning outcomes gleaned from the APRU community to evaluate the adoption of pedagogical approaches and the impact of innovations such as MOOCs.  The project hopes to produce data analytics and recommendations on the use of innovative resources to advance currently limited literature and research on the topic, particularly pertaining to the Asia-Pacific.

Up to 5 APRU member universities may participate in this 6-month pilot project. Initiated by the University of Malaya in the CIO Network, interested APRU member universities may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  Project participants are University of Malaya, University of Indonesia and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

APRU eduroam

Initiated by Tohoku University, University of Auckland and University of Malaya, the APRU eduroam project hopes to encourage member universities not already on eduroam but which would like to implement it on their campuses, to work towards realizing their goals. New collaborative approaches for member universities using eduroam are also explored through the APRU eduroam working group comprising National University of Singapore, Tohoku University, University of Auckland, University of Indonesia and University of Malaya.