Equity and Access links

Links and publications on equity and access from APRU member institutions and economies include: 

Australian National University: Student Equity

Peking University: Equity and Access to Tertiary Education: The Case of China (Report)

Stanford University: Diversity and Access Office

University of Auckland: Equity Office

University of British Columbia: Implementing Inclusion: A Consultation on Organizational Change to Support UBC's Commitments to Equity and Diversity (Report 2013)

University of California, Berkeley: Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

University of California, Davis: Career Equity Review and UC Davis School of Education's Equity Summit 2013

University of California, Irvine: ADVANCE Program for Equity and Diversity

University of California, Los Angeles: Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access

University of Chile: The Priority Access System for Educational Equity at the University of Chile (Journal Article)

University of Hong Kong: Equity and Access to Education: Themes, Tensions, and Policies (Publication by Asian Development Bank and Comparative Education Research Centre, University of Hong Kong) and Equal Opportunities Unit

University of Melbourne: Equity and Student Engagement and Social Equity in a Mass, Globalized Higher Education Environment: The Unresolved Issue of Widening Access to University (Faculty of Education Dean's Lecture Series 2007)

University of Sydney: Equity and Diversity at the University of Sydney