APRU Collegiate Regionals Tournament Show Match
APRU Collegiate Regionals Tournament Show Match

APRU brings to universities of the Asia Pacific a regional tournament for students which builds community and connectivity through competition. In a 5 vs 5 League of Legends Wild Rift title, we wish to inspire students’ connectivity and support for one another across APRU universities. 

APRU College Club Regionals Tournament gives students an opportunity to build community across borders and universities to participate in competitive and exclusive tournament series. Through this tournament we seek to deepen the relationships among students participating in the APRU Esports Fellowship Program and build community among and between our esports clubs. 

Show Match
Two university teams in US and two university teams in Asia kick-off the tournament at the APRU Metagame Conference 2021 and DELF 2021.

Tournament Format
Two titles will be awarded, one for the North America region and one for Asia. Please see below for more information about eligibility.

USD $500 cash prize will be awarded to the winning team for each region.

Tournament Rules, Team Requirements and Eligibility:

  • Team of 5 students per team. All participants must have a working college email (.edu) Free-agents may sign up for this tournament, but MUST be a current student. 
  • For the North America title, any team representing: Canada, United States, Mexico can participate
  • For the Asia Title, any team in: China and Hong Kong SAR, Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Vladivostok, Russia, Singapore, and Thailand.
  • The tournament will be in a single elimination format with a best-of-3 series for each round.

Target participation:
8 teams from North America and 8 teams from Asia. 

This tournament is organized by APRU in partnership with Cyberport and Nexten Esports.

Tournament Requirement

Asset Submission (Submit thru Registration) 

Team assets 

Team logo, or university logo (by approval) : PNG format, Colored version 

Player assets 

Photo guidelines are referenced from the Wild Rift SEA Championship by Riot Games. 

Player and Team Information 

Team Information: 

  • Name of University 
  • Team Name 
  • Team Tag (in 3 capital letters and/or numbers) 

The following information should be provided for each player, including the team captain, players, and substitutes (if any): 

  • First Name 
  • Last Name 
  • Riot ID (with #) – Renaming may be required if the current ID is inappropriate. 
  • Discord ID (with #) 

Match Rulesets 

General Setting 

  • Best of 1 
  • Bans/Picks implemented 

Filming Requirements 

  • Players/teams are required to have video capturing equipment connected to the computer (not limited by cameras or webcams, etc.) with a full view of 5 seated players. 
  • A single camera for each player is not necessary. 
  • Players/teams may also need to join the vMix Call link if necessary. More instructions will be provided before the match starts. 
  • Preferred dimension for the video would be 16:9. 
  • Backdrop is not necessary.

Other Rules 

  • Players should make sure to have at least 16 champions on their game accounts to be eligible to play.  
  • Players are encouraged to keep sitting until the end of the match. 
  • Players must have their accounts (with corresponding Riot IDs provided) and associated nicknames confirmed by the tournament admin before the start of the tournament, and can only use the same accounts and nicknames for the tournament.  
  • In-game chat is prohibited during the match.  
  • Emoji spamming for bad manners are not considered as sportsmanship. 
  • Teams are required to be ready 30 minutes before the start of their matches. 
  • Teams are required to join the designated Discord server and voice channel for communication. 
  • Team Captain should ask the tournament admin before making any substitution. 

Past APRU Tournament: 

Borregos Esports Invitational is the first international university tournament organized by Tecnológico de Monterrey. In this competition, Clash Royale will be played in its competitive mode (3 vs 3), taking place from December 10-12 (UTC -6 hours). 

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