Senior International Leaders' Meeting Report 2023

Hosted by the University of Sydney from September 24-25, the APRU Senior International Leaders’ Meeting has successfully held and attended by over 50 senior international leaders attending. The theme of the meeting is “One Pacific: Breaking down education and research silos to address Asia-Pacific challenges.” It gives expression to the fact that the multiple challenges facing the Asia-Pacific are all interrelated, as are the fates of its civilizations, and the opportunities that the Pacific holds for the future. The meeting explored the range of issues facing the Asia-Pacific and what role higher education and university collaboration can play in resolving them.

This meeting is an opportunity for senior international leaders to help develop the APRU vision of One Pacific and explore the network’s role in the Future of Higher Education in our region. We will learn about the actions and impact of our working groups and focus on how our universities can guide and support their future priorities.