Sustaining a Healthy Planet

The Asia Pacific region harbour a substantial proportion of the Earth’s nine million species, including several biodiversity hotspots. Rapid economic development and the impacts of climate change have had significant impact on the region’s biodiversity and the ecosystem services they serve.  Healthy ecosystems underpin all life on earth. Their functions regulate disease and climate, purify the air and support pollination and the provision of food and clean water. Biodiversity is a key indicator of healthy ecosystems.   

APRU member institutions represent a significant portion of the world’s research and knowledge capabilities on the subject of biodiversity. This program provides a platform to capitalize on this expertise and support catalytic partnerships and collaborations. By bringing together and connecting, scientists, experts and key stakeholders across disciplines and sectors it will create new opportunities for collective action to address biodiversity loss, protect ecosystems and combat the impacts of climate change. 

Jerome Hui (Co-Chair)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Nathan Lo (Co-Chair)
The University of Sydney
Somsak Panha
Chulalongkorn University
Peter Preiser
Nanyang Technological University
Hsiao Wei Yuan
National Taiwan University
Tien Ming Lee
Sun Yat-sen University
Alan Chan
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Kathy Belov
The University of Sydney
Subha Bhassu
Universiti Malaya
Harris Lewin
University of California, Davis
Joanna Regulska
University of California, Davis
Hayde Galvez
University of the Philippines
Christina Schönleber
APRU Secretariat
A Better World: Volume 6
Human Development Forum publishes A Better World Vol. 6 with APRU contribution Read the book now >> For your interest the APRU report starts here>> APRU is pleased to note that the Human Development Forum, an educational and research organization founded on close collaboration with UN agencies, UN member states, and civil sector organizations, has published the digital edition of A Better World Vol. 6. A Better World is a series of publications that dedicates each volume to one of the 17 SDGs. The new volume covers Goal 14 – Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. APRU’s contribution draws on the Pacific Ocean Program, featuring economy-specific analysis conducted by a team of experts from the University of British Columbia and the University of Washington on the ways that all SDG goals contribute or detract from SDG 14 throughout the Pacific. APRU recommends policymaking that analyzes the contribution that each individual SDG makes to others, as this could help prioritize SDG achievements while minimizing the chances of unrealistic expectations and avoidable side-effects. Indeed, APRU research illustrates the complexity of SDG achievements, including by demonstrating that eliminating poverty and hunger (SDGs 1 and 2) may delay the achievement of SDG 14 in the Pacific. “By focusing on the experience and livelihoods of people, especially those in vulnerable human habitats, the book shows the benefits of best policy and practices, and how these may develop further as we come to terms with a changing and more turbulent world,” said Sean Nicklin, the Human Development Forum’s General Coordinator. “This innovative endeavor is a striking example of sharing respective resources to engage the many official governmental, international organizations, institutions, and professional interests in displaying the extent and variety of their efforts to make the world a better place,” he added. A Better World Vol. 6’s key subjects are coral reefs; implementation of international law; mangroves; marine and coastal ecosystem management; marine pollution; scientific knowledge; sustainable blue economy; and sustainable fisheries. It contains fascinating contributions from researchers and organizations across the world. A number of the supporting agencies and institutions have asked to incorporate the book in their social media campaigns, including the contributing UN agencies. The Human Development Forum plans to publish the print volume in June 2020.

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