Finalists entries for the 2016 Global Health Case Competition

November 30, 2016

For this year’s inaugural APRU Global Health Program Case Competition student teams were encouraged to consider a balance of innovative yet realistic, evidence-based solutions for the competition challenge Preparing Pacific Rim Countries for Natural Disasters’. The plot created for this case study is fictional and bears no direct reflection to any existing organisation or individual and was created exclusively for use in the 2016 APRU Global Health Case Competition.

Any reuse, reproduction, or distribution of this case material must be approved by the USC Institute for Global Health or APRU. For questions, please contact Mellissa Withers at [email protected].

Here are the videos of the winning team, Our Lady of Fatima University and the finalist teams from Tohoku University and Kyoto University:

Winning Team: Our Lady of Fatima University

GH CaseComp OurLadyofFatima University

Finalist Teams: Tohoku University and Kyoto University (L-R)

GH CaseComp TohokuU1 GH CaseComp kyotoU

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