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The 6th APRU Vice – Presidents for Research Meeting 2024

Theme: Collaborative Research For A Better Future

The APRU Vice Presidents for Research Meeting brings together university leadership in strategic and collaborative research. Through this platform, APRU’s VPs for Research network addresses critical issues in the future of research universities, policies, funding, technological transfer and enterprise in research-intensive universities in the Pacific Rim.

Themed “Collaborative Research for A Better Future,” the 6th APRU Vice Presidents for Research Meeting will be held on April 21-23, 2024, at the University of Science and Technology. During the event, the participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss critical issues on capacity building and challenges on advancing emerging technologies research e.g. Artificial Intelligence, New Energy, Sustainable Technology
  • Strengthen university and industry collaboration in research.
  • Share your lessons and learn from other institutions about how to measure research impact.
  • Discuss the possibilities of the role and strategy of APRU for international research collaborations and identify strategies for leveraging the network.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the institutions in China and the strategic priorities and challenges of the host university.
  • Learn about fostering innovation within university institutions and engage in discussion about how to facilitate start-up incubation and technology commercialization.

Sunday, April 21 2024

The meeting will commence with a welcome reception on Sunday, April 21 evening.


Monday, April 22 2024

The meeting will commence at 9am with keynote address from President Xinhe Bao, University of Science and Technology of China. In the morning session, there will be a panel discussion on “Advancing Research in Emerging Technologies.

After lunch, the afternoon session will start with a panel discussion on the topic “Fostering Innovation at Universities for Impact” and follow up the panel discussion on “How to Strengthen University- Industry Collaboration.”

In late afternoon, a campus tour will be organized by USTC.  A gala dinner will be hosted by USTC.


Tuesday, April 23 2024

On the last day of the meeting, the panel discussion will explore “The role of APRU in facilitating International Research Collaboration.”  

The meeting will be ended before lunch and follow by optional Chinese cultural activities offered by USTC such as Chinese tea art, martial art, Gugin musical performance and opera.

The event is open for Vice  Presidents for Research and/or nominated research leaders of APRU member universities only. Registration details have been circulated to the Senior International Leaders and International Officers of all APRU member universities in October 2023.   Please contact [email protected] if you require the registration link.

To arrive at USTC and Hefei, we recommend you transferring from Hongkong, Shanghai or Beijing, as there could be more choices of travelling plans from these three metropolitan cities. Below you could find some examples of the trips from three cities to Hefei for your reference.

The scheduleof the flights and train are are subject to changes and for reference only.

From Hong Kong by plane

Please note there are direct flights operated by Chinese Eastern Airline every other day to and from Hefei.

From Shanghai

by plane


The timetable for the only flight operated by Chinese Eastern Airlines between Shanghai and Hefei is as it shows.

From Shanghai

By train


There are high-speed trains for you to choose from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Hefei South Railyway Station or Hefei Railway Station, that can be as short as two hours, but please leave enough time for the transfer.

From Beijing

by plane


There are also more choices of flights from Beijing to Hefei. Simply choose the one that best suits your preference.

From Beijing

by train


There are high-speed trains for you to choose from Beijing South Railway Station to Hefei South Railway Station that can be as short as four hours, but please leave enough time for the transfer.




Joey Chu

Senior Manager, Events

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