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APRU Open Dialogues 2nd Cohort

Led by Tecnológico de Monterrey, the APRU Open Dialogues program aims to develop a collaborative model for promoting sustained dialogues among the consortium universities, to create empathy and awareness on current shared topics, as well as develop leadership skills.

After the successful completion of the APRU Open Dialogues Pilot in 2023, Tecnológico de Monterrey and APRU are please to announce the continuation of the program and kickstart the first Open Dialogues program developed in English coming on the Spring 2024.


Program characteristics:

  • Tecnológico de Monterrey will be in charge of organizing and leading this workshop, and APRU will provide support along the way.
  • The target group for this cohort will be undergraduate students from all disciplines.
  • The program will provide innovative international educational experiences for the APRU student community through educational and digital tools.
  • The program will provide a broader view of the Pacific Rim common challenges, increasing students’ understandings of shared needs, perspectives and cultures.



What is the right to Higher Education?

“The right to higher education is part of the fundamental right to education, protected in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The right to higher education incorporates both access (who can participate in higher education, how access can be equitable, etc.) and success: the support provided to students so that they can fully participate in and benefit from higher education.”



We invite each participating university to nominate up to 10 undergraduate students to be part of the program.


Expected outcomes

  • Create an immediate and lasting impact on student communities.
  • Connect students and their communities across borders to share their cultures and identities.
  • Raise awareness of diversity and inclusion issues.
  • Collect logistics information and insights to assess the pertinence of building a larger-scale Open Dialogues consortium program.



Time Session  Topic Duration


8 Apr (MEX) / 9 Apr (HKT)



Check your local date and time here

Informative session
(For university representatives)



8 – 30 Apr


Recruitment and registration period
(For university representatives)

Via Microsoft Forms

+/- 1 month


 6 – 8 May 


Awareness Phase
(For students)

 Infographic, videos, survey, etc.

2 days


 9 May (MEX) / 10 May (HKT)


Check your local date and time here

Open Dialogues
(For students)

What is the right to higher education?


Note: Dates and time are subject to change.


*Open Dialogues Workshop structure

    • Welcoming remarks & session guidelines
    • Ice-breaker
    • The sustained dialogue approach
    • Introduction to the topic:
      What is the right to higher education?
    • Instructions and presentation of moderators
    • Break-out rooms
    • Open dialogue exercise
    • Back to the main room for sharing and discussion
    • Acknowledgments and closing remarks

Nomination & Requirements

Each participating institution should create an internal process for selecting up to 10 candidates.

University representatives are kindly asked to send the names and email addresses of the nominees to David Quimbayo ([email protected]) by 30 April, 2024.

To be eligible, it is important to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a current undergraduate student of an APRU member university from any discipline as of May 2024.
  • Have a good command of the English language.

Microsoft Forms registration link will be sent to the selected candidates for completion.


For enquiries, please contact David Quimbayo at [email protected]

Commitments from participants

  • Actively share best practices among participants.
  • Take an active and engaging role in discussions.
  • Students must:
    Attend the workshop session.*
    – Complete the program’s evaluation survey.*
    – Follow appropriate code of conduct, respecting every participant and their opinions.*

*Certificates will only be awarded to those who complete ALL the requirements of the program.


Commitments from the Open Dialogues team

  • Executive report and presentation with the program results by end of May 2024.


Ms. Adriana Rojas
Senior Director, Networks and Students Programs
[email protected] 

Mr David Quimbayo
Program Officer
[email protected]

Telephone: +852 3586 2052
Fax: +852 2117 7080

Program Schedule
8/4 (MEX)
8 to 30/4
9/5 (MEX)
5 PM

Monday, 8 April (MEX)

Informative Session

Check your local time here


8 to 30 April

Recruitment and registration period
(via Microsoft Forms)

5 PM

Thursday, 9 May (MEX)

Open Dialogues Workshop

Check your local time here